February 9, 2008 Interlude: the Beach California

Interlude: the Beach

Seven days ago I watched the sun set from Mount San Antonio’s west summit. Tonight, a much lower (and warmer!) perch: Santa Monica Beach, looking out toward the pier. With a bit of a heat spell picking up, temps have shot up, from 70’s at the coast to 80’s inland. Faced with such brutal weather, (more...)...

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January 15, 2008 California

NYT: Owens River Returns

‘What Los Angeles took a century ago — a 62-mile stretch of river here in the parched Owens Valley — it is now giving back.’ (more...)...

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July 9, 2007 An Owens River Resurection? California

An Owens River Resurection?

The Los Angeles Times ran a story on the restoration of the Owens River this past weekend. Via the Department of Water of Power (DWP), Los Angeles began buying much of the farmland in Owens Valley in the early Twentieth Century. Then, in 1913, the DWP abruptly diverted the Lower Owens River into the Los (more...)...

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