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San Jacinto Aerial

San Jacinto Peak - Aerial View

Here's a still-snowy San Gorgonio Mountain photobombing a mostly-dry San Jacinto Peak, as seen Wednesday on the way from LAX to Phoenix, Arizona. This shot really gives a good (more)

California: Not Completely Awful

Point Magu, Southern California

Every now and then I find myself thinking California is not completely terrible, and yesterday, as I was biking the Overlook Trail above Point Mugu, that odd feeling once again (more)

Wildflowers of the Santa Monicas

Wildflowers and Santa Monica Bay from Topanga State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains

Wildflower-lovers take note: the Santa Monicas are in bloom. I biked Temescal Ridge to the Hub to Trippet Ranch to Parker Mesa to Paseo Miramar to the mighty Pacific today, and I (more)

2023-2024 WWSRA Ski Reviews

Mammoth Mountain's Chair 23

What with all the storm craziness and urban skiing I forgot to post out links to my video reviews from the WWSRA trade show at Mammoth Mountain this past February, so here (more)

What’s Your Dream?

What's Your Dream?

I came to Los Angeles a small-town kid chasing elusive dreams and let's be honest, you can imagine how that went. This is a city that tends to grind people like me to (more)

The Mountain Took My Phone, My Car, & My Tooth

Matt Dixon hiking San Antonio Ridge, California

Mountains demand sacrifices—we all know that. So when I accidentally left my phone atop Mount Baldy's west summit, I thought: Fine. Better than blood. My friend Matt (more)

Biking Highway 2

Biking Highway 2

Given the heat plus all the smoke in the air I haven't felt much inclination to hike, but I have been driving my bike up to Highway 2 and doing sections of the road in the (more)

Once More, Into the Woods

Once More, Into the Woods

Life, it seems, has its own agenda. I had hoped for some quiet time, to help me and my family recover from the calamities of the past year. But alas, incredibly, we are once (more)

Telegraph Peak

Telegraph Peak

In the modern era, this is one of my photos that has long puzzled me. This is Telegraph Peak, shot from near the top of Mt. Baldy's ski resort's Thunder Mountain, taken May 15, (more)

At Least We Have The Beach

At Least We Have The Beach

I am sorry—I just can't bring myself to write about the California wildfires. If you want quality coverage, there is of course the LA Times, but also Daniel Swain's twitter (more)


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