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November Snow

Los Angeles Basin and Snowy San Gabriel Mountains

Thanks to a very intense November storm, I am happy to report we have snowy mountains on our horizon. Portions of the San Gabriels saw some six to eight inches of water last (more)

Kratka Ridge

Kratka Ridge

Here is the base of lost SoCal ski area Kratka Ridge (a.k.a. Snowcrest) as seen yesterday off Highway 2 in the San Gabriel Mountains. Yes, there is still a bit of snow up there, (more)

Waterman & Highway 2

Waterman & Highway 2

I would like to wholeheartedly endorse the Waterman-Buckhorn-Highway 2 area as Southern California's best go-to and introductory backcountry skiing zone—but I can't. The (more)

December Snow

Downtown Los Angeles and Snowy San Gabriel Mountains

As increasingly seems to be the case, snow levels stayed relatively high over the past 48 hours. Mount Baldy says 2-3 inches of snow at the parking lot (elevation 6400'); 14" at (more)

It’s Coming

Malibu and Pacific Ocean

Our mostly bare mountains are about to get the insta-winter treatment. Big Pacific Storm coming—forecast calls for up to four feet of snow at the highest SoCal (more)

In All Things: Extremes

In All Things: Extremes

The first major winter storm is upon us, and it looks to be a doozy. While expected to come in warm at first, some forecast models are predicting as much as 100 inches of snow in (more)

The Smoke Season

The Smoke Season

In summer we used to worry about thunderstorms and permits. Now we worry about smoke. Climate change is transforming the Sierra hiking and climbing season into a dystopia of (more)

Closing Day

Snow Valley - Closing Day

Snow Valley spun its lifts for the last time for the 2020-2021 season today, making them (by a week) the longest-running SoCal resort this winter. Has that ever happened (more)

Is Throop Still Going?

Is Throop Still Going?

For those of you who built the kicker at the bottom of the last snowfield on Throop Peak and were still hitting it as of yesterday...I salute you. (more)

Baldy’s North Face

Baldy's North Face

Here's Mount Baldy's north face, as seen from near the summit of Throop Peak off Highway 2 yesterday. By the standards of today, there is still a lot of snow out there, though (more)


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