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The Baldy Crest

Mount Baldy's north face from Throop Peak

Here's the Baldy skyline from just off the summit of Throop Peak yesterday. There is still a heck of a lot of good snow on the north and west faces—if you're willing to (more)

Waterman Update

snow-buried hut at Mount Waterman, CA

As far as I can tell this past storm put rain on the Waterman Crest and not much else, but there is still a great deal of snow up there from the big February storm. Maybe an (more)

Highway 2 Update

Highway 2 buried in Snow

Not Fast is my guess as to when the 2 will open. Here's a look at the Angeles Crest Highway about a mile and a half east of Islip Saddle, just absolutely buried in snow. Dave (more)

Islip From Crystal Lake

Dave Braun ascending Mount Islip from Windy Gap

I assume you don't need me to tell you, but there is a lot of snow out there right now. Yesterday Dave Braun and I drove up to Crystal Lake for a low-expectations scouting (more)

Is the ARkstorm Coming?

Storm Clouds & Los Angeles River

Following this latest atmospheric river/bomb-cyclone storm cycle, and SoCal's record-setting rainfall totals, I have a new appreciation for what the Army Corps of Engineers (more)

Whitney Zone: Beware Collapsing Snowpack

Mount Whitney -- North Fork of Lone Pine Creek

Just absolutely treacherous conditions on the lower Mountaineer's Route right snow—beware collapsing snowpack in the north fork drainage below Lower Boy Scout Lake. Our (more)

Too Much Snow?

Clearing Storm and Sunset, Pacific Palisades, California

Well the good news is we'll be skiing through summer—if we care to. Mammoth Mountain likely already has enough snow to carry them to November. I wonder what they'll (more)

High Variance Equals High Risk

NWS Los Angeles Snow Forecast

Forecast models are calling for the possibility of snow as low as 1000 feet above sea level virtually state-wide, and NWS Los Angeles has issued a (not quite) unprecedented (more)

Report From Tinemaha

Mount Tinemaha's East Face

Here's Tinemaha's east face driving up the 395 today. Looks pretty inviting to me, but two of my friends tried to ski it on Saturday, and conditions according to them were (more)

Happy New Year!

Aerial view of the San Francisco Peaks from near Brookbank Mountain

The weather pipeline continues for California, bringing some truly spectacular storms this past week. Mammoth is currently reporting a 158" base at McCoy Station—with much (more)


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