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Fitness for Old Guys

Andy Lewicky and the Bright Angel Trail

Here today we have a custom post on demand for SierraDescents lurker Tom, who describes himself as an old guy, and for some strange reason was wondering if I had any fitness tips (more)



I apologize for going dark for so long. I have slowly begun reengaging in activities I once took for granted -- driving, reading, hiking, talking to people, even skiing with my (more)

Mammoth in July

Mammoth in July

Fourth of July weekend gave us an inspiring fireworks show off the top of Mammoth Mountain, with the sunset and the Minarettes and the Ritter Range offering an imcomparable (more)

Langley – Cottonwood Lakes Loop

Langley - Cottonwood Lakes Loop

Looking for a spectacular high-altitude day hike in the Southern Sierra? Mount Langley via Horseshoe Meadows is an excellent choice (more)

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