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Grand Canyon: Hermit & Granite Falls

Grand Canyon: Hermit & Granite Falls

Thanks to the big 2022-2023 winter, the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam has been running around 20,000 cfs this year, making for some very energetic waves in the rapids (more)

Kendrick Peak

Kendrick Peak

As you all know, my fondness for off-the-beaten-path adventures sometimes often goes awry, but in this case, I found surprisingly good skiing on Kendrick Peak, just northwest of (more)

Happy New Year

Snowy San Francisco Peaks from Dry Lakes Hills

After a very snowy December, we're clear and cold to start 2022. From a top-secret location somewhere in Northern Arizona's Dry Lakes Hills, Happy New Year (more)


Fall Colors - Hart Prairie and the San Francisco Peaks

We are a touch early for the fall colors here in Northern Arizona, but it's still magical when you get just that right combination of blue sky, golden leaves, and snowy (more)

Old Caves Crater

Mount Elden and the San Francisco Peaks

It's a short hike to the top of Arizona's Old Caves Crater, a 400-foot cinder cone whose network of lava caves at the summit served as the last known dwellings for the area's (more)

The San Francisco Peaks

The San Francisco Peaks

Truly, Northern Arizona's San Francisco Peaks are a little slice of backcountry heaven. It's a small mountain, relatively, but the peaks are blessed with good skiing on all (more)

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