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Freidlein Prairie

Andy Lewicky at Freidlein Prarie

Freidlein Prairie is where it all started—sidecountry access from the top of the Arizona Snowbowl's chairlift to the southside of the San Francisco Peaks and beyond. As (more)

Happy New Year

Snowy San Francisco Peaks from Dry Lakes Hills

After a very snowy December, we're clear and cold to start 2022. From a top-secret location somewhere in Northern Arizona's Dry Lakes Hills, Happy New Year (more)

A Mammoth Storm

A Mammoth Storm

Well! It was a VERY stormy Christmas 2021 for us at Mammoth Mountain this past week. When we got there Tuesday NOAA was calling for 70+ inches of snow. The weather, as you (more)

Waterman & Highway 2

Waterman & Highway 2

I would like to wholeheartedly endorse the Waterman-Buckhorn-Highway 2 area as Southern California's best go-to and introductory backcountry skiing zone—but I can't. The (more)

December Snow

Downtown Los Angeles and Snowy San Gabriel Mountains

As increasingly seems to be the case, snow levels stayed relatively high over the past 48 hours. Mount Baldy says 2-3 inches of snow at the parking lot (elevation 6400'); 14" at (more)

It’s Coming

Malibu and Pacific Ocean

Our mostly bare mountains are about to get the insta-winter treatment. Big Pacific Storm coming—forecast calls for up to four feet of snow at the highest SoCal (more)

Fog & Magic

Foggy Los Angeles Basin and Santa Monica Mountains

Thick coastal fog in December takes an already-dark time of year and makes it a whole lot darker. Last November I started hiking the Leacock Trail at sunset, and I discovered the (more)

The Sierra Wave

Sierra Wave - Owens Valley, California

I've been going through my file archives and finding a lot of photos that never quite made it online but surely deserved to. Here's the Sierra wave over Owens Valley—the (more)

Nuclear: Did We Make a (Huge) Mistake?

Nuclear: Did We Make a (Huge) Mistake?

It takes me a while to realize I'm all alone. It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the beach, bright blue sky, puffy white clouds. I'm barefoot on wet sand, flip-flops in hand, (more)

Avalanche Gulch Ethereal

Daybreak over Avalanche Gulch, Mount Shasta

I'd been climbing since midnight. A group of guided climbers were heading up Mount Shasta's Avalanche Gulch, same as me, and we'd been leapfrogging each other all night. Just (more)