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Fog & Magic

Foggy Los Angeles Basin and Santa Monica Mountains

Thick coastal fog in December takes an already-dark time of year and makes it a whole lot darker. Last November I started hiking the Leacock Trail at sunset, and I discovered the (more)

The Sierra Wave

Sierra Wave - Owens Valley, California

I've been going through my file archives and finding a lot of photos that never quite made it online but surely deserved to. Here's the Sierra wave over Owens Valley—the (more)

Avalanche Gulch Ethereal

Daybreak over Avalanche Gulch, Mount Shasta

I'd been climbing since midnight. A group of guided climbers were heading up Mount Shasta's Avalanche Gulch, same as me, and we'd been leapfrogging each other all night. Just (more)

Mount Whitney Crest

Mount Whitney Crest from Thor Peak

Thor Peak's summit offers this expansive view of the Mount Whitney Crest. On display are Trail Crest and Mount Muir's east buttress (left), followed by Keeler and Day Needles and (more)

Mount Keith

Mount Keith

Mount Keith is a mountain I'd like to climb and ski. At least, hypothetically. This is a big one, just barely short of 14,000', right next door to Shepherd Pass and Mounts (more)

West Baldy Timelapse

West Baldy Timelapse

Wow, was this a trip down the rabbit hole! That Landscapes video inspired me to create my own timelapse. Naturally, I thought shooting from the top of West Baldy at sunset would (more)

Shasta Windstorm

Shasta Windstorm

The weather looked promising...and then came the wind. Huge contrails of snow curled overhead like giant fingers reaching out over Avalanche Gulch. The sound of it was like a (more)

Highway 395

Highway 395

Wait for the traffic to clear, jump into the middle of the road, take a quick picture. No, it's probably not wise to encourage these things, but wide-angle lenses do create their (more)

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