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Avalanche Gulch Ethereal

Daybreak over Avalanche Gulch, Mount Shasta

I'd been climbing since midnight. A group of guided climbers were heading up Mount Shasta's Avalanche Gulch, same as me, and we'd been leapfrogging each other all night. Just (more)

Avalanche Gulch Trip Report

Avalanche Gulch Trip Report

I've saved the best for last: a summit ski descent of Mount Shasta via Avalanche Gulch. Despite the route's poor reputation (for snow quality and crowds), this trip easily ranks (more)

Shasta Windstorm

Shasta Windstorm

The weather looked promising...and then came the wind. Huge contrails of snow curled overhead like giant fingers reaching out over Avalanche Gulch. The sound of it was like a (more)

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